Using slipping free Abrafol bags at packaging seed

We pay a lot of attention on the Abrafol bags during development to use them in as a wide industrial area as possible. Among various industrial areas, we see a lot of opportunities in using Abrafol slipping free bags both in our country and in Europe too.

Why is it profitable to use Abrafol bags during the packaging of seeds ?

During the packaging of seeds, various requirements has to be met. The Polyethylene bags do not get wet, they endure humidity but it is impossible to form a unit load from them since the bags slip apart. This is another reason why  most companies use the paper bags instead of the PE bag where companies use the more expensive paper bags. This is the case even in those cases when the design is not counted because some people store its own seed in its unprinted paper bags. Apart from the foil wadded paper bags comprise of several component waste and are, therefore, not recyclable, they even produce unwanted expenditures not considering the price of the used stretch foils. Such extra costs put weight on the customer which exceeds the expenditure of 2-3 Euro Cent per bags. As an other alternative, the plated PP bags have spread on the market, especially because of their low price and because they slip less then the regular PE bags. However, the PP bags get spoiled due to the dipping chemicals. On top of it, their  waterproofness is not satisfactory either and so they are used double and the strings also got stretch foil treated for better durability. However, this increases the packing costs. With the usage of the Abrafol bags, never before seen, perfect string stability can be achieved in a way, that you can even save money with it. It is because the client can leave the stretching completely, since the unit loads are stable in themselves even through long journeys. The material of the Abrafol bags is PE, hence, their waterproofness is outstanding.
Please take look at our seed selection from which one can see that the string made out of Abrafol bags remain untouched throughout the transportation of the  load !




How do the Abrafol bags work ?

The Abrafol bags operation follows an easy principle: Let's pack into a bag which is capable of stopping the slipping apart of on one another. The pallets loaded in such a way remain stable throughout the transportation even without sinter caps or sinter bags. The slipping freeness of the Abrafol bags is provided by those little bumps with which the outer side of the material is rugged. Apart from it, on side of the bags, a thin not plated textile (vlies) stripe is laminated. If we lay down an Abrafol bag on its laminated side on its other, rugged side, there will be a so strong connection which will make the whole system very stable. This tie remains very strong even if the bags get a very strong shock or a 30 degree tilt which occurs during the transportation with wheel-barrow or with a truck. Since there is no glue, we can easily unload them vertically. This way, the bags are cross loadable again. The system works under extreme conditions too, the surface of the foil bag can even be dusty.

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